Saturday, May 2

Bad Bad Blogger me!! Life just got busy and well what do you expect when you got 4 kids and 2 dogs and a husband, lol.

Well, I survived my first official shoot. It was taking portraits of the Camp Johnson Marines. I got some curve balls thrown at me but I think I still manage ok. Here is the group picture of all the new Official Young Marines. Yes, I see it. I didnt notice it till i was editing, top row I have from tallest to shortest. And on the second I have the tallest in the middle, MAJOR Rookie mistake. But I will definitly never look at a group picture the same again, lol.

Lets see, ah yes, I have also starting to make a blanket. I bought these cool things called Knifty Knitters and it was soooo easy. I got this one, its a specialty one they call the rectangle purple long loom, it suppose to be used for scarfs of different widths. I am making a small baby blanket to use with my newborn babies on photoshoots. I bought this cute basket a while back and I have been searching for cool texture blankets to put it and then finally I saw the Knifty Knitter and decided to give it a show. This is what I have done so far.......

I have a little more then this done now but I was too lazy to take a new picture, lol.
Also, today Cameron went to a local Craft and Car show to volunteer, he has to work so many community service hours to be able to eventually gain rank, along with other requirements. We all went and had a great time. But the best part was we were all caught in the rain and we all GOT SOAKED, lol. But I will tell you more about that tomorrow. For now....Goodnight.

Sunday, April 19

My new UGLY chair!!!

Isn't she a beauty. I love love my Ugly chair, lol. I got it for 15 dollars and she is going to get a total make over very soon. Just havent found the perfect fabric yet. Something bold and bring, or bold and sophisticated. It will all depend what strikes my fance, he he!!
I am so tired, I will share more tomorrow. Just wanted to share real quick since I was so shocked to get one and at such a good price.

Monday, April 13

Hoppity Easter

Today officially starts Spring Break and my children are already driving me nuts, LOL. Lovely. I have a feeling its going to be a loong week, lets hope for some sun so we can go to the park.

Easter was a nice, low stress event here. (As low stress as possible with 4 kids, candy and 2 dogs, LOL) They looked for eggs and their baskets before we could even get up, so unfortunely I got no pictures of it. They got dressed and ran around till they were driving Dad crazy. So, I printed out some Easter activity sheets and coloring pages and that kept them happy for close to hours. I was SHOCKED and very happy.

My lovely husband decided to run Easter this year. He did the baskets and planned the Menu. We had Lasagna, salad and some awesome French Bread. His lasagna turned out SOOOO good, I was impressed. Then later we had strawberry shortcake for dessert, his specialty.
Then they went outside to play till it got dark. While they did this, I got a picture of each one. That is as good as it got, they had no interest in cooperating for anything else including a group picture. But we were just happy Dad was home for this easter. We do miss gettin together with our friends the Prejeans, it was some what wierd to just be us. We miss you guys.
I will try to post pictures of the props I got a few weeks ago within the next couple of days.

Monday, April 6

Happy Monday....well atleast it was good!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Well, today went pretty good. Though poor Nick didnt get home till 6am. He was nice though to stay up and help get the kids up and ready. I sent him to bed when the kids were eating, cause it was easy from there.

I ran a couple of errands and one of them was to Ross and I found this wooden box, that looks like a suitcase of sorts. I was SOOOO excited. I think Nick thinks I am completely nuts sometimes, lol. I promise I will share tomorrow.

Then came home and the girls came home. Nick went off to work and the girls asked to see baby books. So, I got their started scrapbooks out and they loved looking at the pictures. They compared and laughed and kept going, "Look, I was sooo cute!" LOL.
I thought it would make for some good pictures and scrapbook pages, lol.

They aren't the best pictures. I was trying to get them before they lost interest. But they turned out better then I thought.

The one on the left is Natalie and Sydney pointing to a picture of Syd having a her first bath. They were trying to guess who it was. Even though it was in Sydney's book.

They would just keep going from one book to the other. Asking questions and looking at the pictures.

This one is Sydney still looking at all the pictures and pages, long after Natalie was over the novelty.

And as you can see, her froggy is never far from her side. she got this one for Christmas from my sister. Its one of those webkins. They arent overly big about the computer side of it, but they are very attached to them. Sydney's love for frogs started when Nick got her one right before he deployed for a year. She loved that thing and never let it out of her sight. At one time, we lost it and I had to go buy another one. But she kept saying it wasn't the same. But we got the original one back. You can sometimes find Be with the Back-up froggy. Natalie has a black kitty she loves that my sister also got her. Nick got her a Marine Bear from the exchange. She played with it, but never totally attached herself to it, but this cat is always where she is too.

Oh, before I go, I mentioned about news in the photography world! My husband got me the gig of taking the Young Marine Graduates (from boot camp) including Cameron of course. That also includes a group shot of the whole class. I am excited and nervous, cause I dont have any lights and I am suppose to take the pictures around 6pm. Also, the building doesnt have much light, much less good light. So, I am going to get a reflector. On Wed. I am going to check it out more closely when I drop off Cameron and maybe there is a little corner with Fabulous light. So, say a little prayer for me or cross your fingers. Oh this will be in a couple of weeks.

Well that is about it. And Oatmeal just got spilled on the carpet, so its time for me to go see the damage.

Hasta Manana!!

Sunday, April 5

Kids doing Chores...could it really be?

Hello Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was a bit slow and boring but by the end it ended on a good note..(even though my kids were almost an hour late to bed!!)

The weather was nice this weekend and the kids did alot of playing outside. I also made my 2 week menu for the next two weeks. I am hoping that helps me to cook more regularly. I dont mind cooking per say, I hate the what am I going to make TODAY, that drives me crazy. Nick being on nights doesnt help much either.

So, this last week I gave the kids chores they are responsible for. Its been an intersting week, but for the most part they are doing well. I did learn that money doesn't motivate my kids much. I think food or priviledges may work better, haven't decided on that yet, lol. So, I thought it would be a good idea to DOCUMENT my kids doing their chores. You never know when you might need that kind of thing for evidence, LOL.

As you can see on the left, Cameron has vacuming and he practically BEGGED for this chore. Which is fine with me, cause this house needs to be vacumed ATLEAST once a day. He loves it and asks 500 times when can he vacume. Not sure what Sydney is so puzzled about, lol.

Cameron is also in charge of trash, dishes and the every popular job, dog poop (once a week). (Its ok I had that job when I was his age and I turn out, well close to normal, lol)

Sydney has dusting as one of her chores and she has also been looking forward to it. I forgot to get the little dusters that go on the sticks but she was content with a swifter sheet, for now. She was a bit upset that she couldn't reach the TV. But she found plenty other things to dust.

She also has making sure the dogs have water, and helping Ben collect dirty clothes and shares the duty of Bathroom Detail (just making sure its picked up) with Natalie.

Natalie is the table cleaner. She is quite good at it but she likes to over do it with the spray, lol. So, she gets to use the cleaning wipes or mom sprays the table and she wipes it down.

Mind you this is the child that REFUSES to clean up toys or her room. She hides or all of a sudden falls ill with a belly ache or other ailment of the like. I am loving the hand holding her hair off her face while wiping with the other. I mean, I would be happy to put her hair up and off her face but that is something else she refuses to let me do unless its school cause she knows there is no way out of that. She also is responsible for making sure the dogs of food. Also as i mention before she has bathroom detail. She has one less since Sydney's dusting is not an everyday thing but the table and dog food is.

And you may ask where is Ben when all this cleaning is going on. Well he is assigned one chore, he has to make sure all dirty clothes are in the laundry room. Though everyone is suppose to make sure its taken there, there are times of running late or being forgotten that he is suppose to pick up. Sydney is his mentor on this task since he is still young and learning this whole chore thing.

Well, here is .......

Asking for apple sauce, no no, BEGGING for apple sause though he just had a Corn Dog with ketchup. You can see the evidence on his face.

So, yeah, Ben is still work in progress,lol.

I hope everyone has a good start this week. I have a bit of excitings news on the photography front but that will have to wait till tomorrow, I am falling asleep at I type this.

Hasta Manana!

Tuesday, March 31

Catching up....seems like I am always doing that

Well, its been a long week. But I didnt forget. I am off my internship this week and my photography class with Karen Russell is OVER. =( Its been weird. I mean I have assignments to catch up, but being off interning and the havoc in my household has motivated me much, lol. But did do 2 loads of laundry and folded 2 that have been staring at me. Plus, I swept and vacume so I feel like I have been somewhat productive.

Now the kids are doing chores and Ben is taking a very needed nap. So, I am taking this time to blog and get people up to date. Let's see, ahhh yes.


Well, Nick has the shingles and is hating it. He is in a lot of pain, and he finally got on something stronger then motrin. He can only take it at night.

Sydney had dance pictures taken,today. And she was nice enough to be my model for some pictures I wanted to take and see if they came out how my friend Allie and I envisioned. They turned out even better, whohoo.

Natalie and I were suppose to go to school together to take pictures of her classmates for a mother's day project. But we had to rescedule for next week cause Nick was needed on days last minute.

Ben is up to the usual, running around the house and eating me out of the house. Though he loves to have pictures taken by me and then he has to see them right away, lol.

Last but not least Cameron is still raising money for the Young Marines and so far he is doing really well. He is excitd to graduate and "become" a Young Marine in the later part of April.

Well, I have children that are fighting over who is done with chores and who isnt. LOL. Those are my kiddos. Hope you enjoy the pictures....And I will post about the cool find I got at Ross a couple of weeks ago.

Have a good Evening....

Tuesday, March 24

Morning Colors

Well, yesterday I got to shoot morning colors. And I got some good shots, and I also got an idea on what I need to work on. Its starting to feel like its clicking and I can see the improvement in my photographs.This is one of my favorite shots.
Sorry this is short, but I am very tired and need to get to bed. Hope everyone is having a great week.