Monday, April 6

Happy Monday....well atleast it was good!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Well, today went pretty good. Though poor Nick didnt get home till 6am. He was nice though to stay up and help get the kids up and ready. I sent him to bed when the kids were eating, cause it was easy from there.

I ran a couple of errands and one of them was to Ross and I found this wooden box, that looks like a suitcase of sorts. I was SOOOO excited. I think Nick thinks I am completely nuts sometimes, lol. I promise I will share tomorrow.

Then came home and the girls came home. Nick went off to work and the girls asked to see baby books. So, I got their started scrapbooks out and they loved looking at the pictures. They compared and laughed and kept going, "Look, I was sooo cute!" LOL.
I thought it would make for some good pictures and scrapbook pages, lol.

They aren't the best pictures. I was trying to get them before they lost interest. But they turned out better then I thought.

The one on the left is Natalie and Sydney pointing to a picture of Syd having a her first bath. They were trying to guess who it was. Even though it was in Sydney's book.

They would just keep going from one book to the other. Asking questions and looking at the pictures.

This one is Sydney still looking at all the pictures and pages, long after Natalie was over the novelty.

And as you can see, her froggy is never far from her side. she got this one for Christmas from my sister. Its one of those webkins. They arent overly big about the computer side of it, but they are very attached to them. Sydney's love for frogs started when Nick got her one right before he deployed for a year. She loved that thing and never let it out of her sight. At one time, we lost it and I had to go buy another one. But she kept saying it wasn't the same. But we got the original one back. You can sometimes find Be with the Back-up froggy. Natalie has a black kitty she loves that my sister also got her. Nick got her a Marine Bear from the exchange. She played with it, but never totally attached herself to it, but this cat is always where she is too.

Oh, before I go, I mentioned about news in the photography world! My husband got me the gig of taking the Young Marine Graduates (from boot camp) including Cameron of course. That also includes a group shot of the whole class. I am excited and nervous, cause I dont have any lights and I am suppose to take the pictures around 6pm. Also, the building doesnt have much light, much less good light. So, I am going to get a reflector. On Wed. I am going to check it out more closely when I drop off Cameron and maybe there is a little corner with Fabulous light. So, say a little prayer for me or cross your fingers. Oh this will be in a couple of weeks.

Well that is about it. And Oatmeal just got spilled on the carpet, so its time for me to go see the damage.

Hasta Manana!!


Nancy said...

Hi Mel....long time no chat. Glad everything is well with you. Cute Blog and your children are beautiful. Miss seeing you at the cottage.

Cams said...

I have thought your blog posting was to the one from the deployment! I am so glad that I have found you here now. =)
Cute snaps of the girls.
Enjoy the internship the most you can.
Talk to you more later.
Love, me!