Monday, April 13

Hoppity Easter

Today officially starts Spring Break and my children are already driving me nuts, LOL. Lovely. I have a feeling its going to be a loong week, lets hope for some sun so we can go to the park.

Easter was a nice, low stress event here. (As low stress as possible with 4 kids, candy and 2 dogs, LOL) They looked for eggs and their baskets before we could even get up, so unfortunely I got no pictures of it. They got dressed and ran around till they were driving Dad crazy. So, I printed out some Easter activity sheets and coloring pages and that kept them happy for close to hours. I was SHOCKED and very happy.

My lovely husband decided to run Easter this year. He did the baskets and planned the Menu. We had Lasagna, salad and some awesome French Bread. His lasagna turned out SOOOO good, I was impressed. Then later we had strawberry shortcake for dessert, his specialty.
Then they went outside to play till it got dark. While they did this, I got a picture of each one. That is as good as it got, they had no interest in cooperating for anything else including a group picture. But we were just happy Dad was home for this easter. We do miss gettin together with our friends the Prejeans, it was some what wierd to just be us. We miss you guys.
I will try to post pictures of the props I got a few weeks ago within the next couple of days.

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Nancy said...

well what a nice hubby to do all the Easter plans. I guess I had it pretty easy since I did no cooking. LOL